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Jeep JK HEMI Conversions by Americas Most Wanted 4x4 /

The Premium HEMI Conversion Package by AMW4x4 /

Your 2012 - 2018 Jeep JK features the 3.6L V6 Pentastar. These newer power plants are definitely more powerful than their 3.8L V6 predecessor, but they offer nothing in comparison to a V8 HEMI monster! There is nothing in this world like the raw torque and feel of a Gen3 HEMI under the hood of your Jeep.

By the time we throw some new larger, more capable wheels and tires and suspension lift kits, we find that the V6 starts to struggle with the added weight. The little V6 struggles are further increased when the owner of the Jeep uses the vehicle for a towing scenario. Perhaps a boat and trailer, Jet Skis, utility trailer, etc. the larger tires and towing are just bad news all around for the smaller engines.


2012 - 2018 Jeep JK 6.4L HEMI Conversion Package by AMW 4x4

Base Price: $8,999.00
Customized Price: $8,999.00
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*Crate Engine Options  
I Already Have 6.4L HEMI Crate Engine
I Require a 6.4L HEMI Crate Engine - Does Not Include Accessories, Add $7,499.00
I Require a 6.4L HEMI Crate Engine & AMW4x4 Turnkey Installation - HEMI Conversion & Installation, Add $19,951.15
*Shipping Options  
I Will Pickup My HEMI Conversion Kit or Have it Installed at AMW 4x4
Please Include Flat Rate Shipping to the Lower 48 States, Add $300.00

Weight:600.0 lbs
**This Kit Does Not Include the HEMI Crate Engine or Accessories Unless Selected as an Option!

If you are considering a HEMI conversion for your Jeep JK, you have come to the right place. We have countless JKs running the street, offroad parks, and alike sporting a 6.4L HEMI and enjoying REAL V8 power and better gas mileage to boot. These HEMI engines don't have to work nearly as hard as a V6 to pull their weight around, not to mention towing a boat or utility trailer. We have a time tested and proven process for converting your JK over to this awesome platform and we would love to talk to you more about it.

This Kit Includes:
  • Hemi JK Ported SRT8 6.4L Air Intake Manifold  
  • Hemi JK Engine Cradle Mount Kit w/ Skid Plate Revision 
  • Hemi JK Heavy Duty Transmission Crossmember
  • Hemi JK Transmission Mounting Kit
  • Hemi JK Steering Column Correction Adapter Kit
  • Hemi JK Aluminum Cross-Flow Radiator
  • Hemi JK Upper & Lower Radiator Hose Kit
  • Hemi JK Coolant Overflow Jug
  • Hemi JK A580 NAG1 SRT Transmission Cooler Lines
  • Hemi JK Mandrel Bent Air Conditioning Line Kit
  • Hemi JK Power Steering Cooler Kit
  • Hemi JK Power Steering Line Kit
  • Hemi JK Oversized Fuel Supply Line Kit
  • Hemi JK Front Coil Spring Correction Kit
  • Hemi JK Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel 3" Performance Exhaust System
  • Hemi JK Cold Air Kit w/ Induction Dryflow Synthetic Filter
  • Hemi JK Battery Tray w/ TIPM Bracket
  • Hemi JK GEN2 Powertrain Harness: BOX A
  • Hemi JK GEN2 A580 NAG1 Automatic Transmission Harness: BOX B
  • Hemi JK w/ A580 NAG1 Automatic Transmission Powertrain Control Module: PCM
  • Hemi JK w/ A580 NAG1 Automatic 91+ Octane Performance Calibration
  • Hemi JK w/ A580 NAG1 Performance Transmission Control Module: TCM 
  • Hemi JK w/ A580 NAG1 Automatic Performance Calibration
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